Midnight jackson

Public Bar
Sunday 10th March
4pm – 7pm 


Earnest, soulful and full of power- Melbourne based Blues/ Soul duo Midnight Jackson have been mesmerising audiences since 2011.

“I was surrounded by soul and blues music for as long as I can remember,” says lead singer Tiana of her musical upbringing. “Mum would have B.B King and Bonnie Raitt playing around the house. I listened to my godmother’s gospel choir for hours, drawn in by their heartfelt melodies and flawless harmony. Seeing my stepdad performing his niche style of west coast rock and blue eyed soul also had a huge impact on me”.

2017 saw Midnight Jackson relocate to Melbourne where they have established themselves as regular performers amongst Victoria’s most loved music venues. Midnight Jackson plans to release their latest single mid 2021. Recorded between New York and Melbourne, this new work displays artists reaching their prime as songwriters and performers & finding their own distinct style.